CADIS International, together with its partners PROSA, Salute e Sviluppo, Missione Calcutta and Fondazione CESMET on March 8, had a virtual meeting with Fr. Miroslaw, the Provincial Superior of Poland, to be updated about the intervention led by the Camillians in Poland.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Camillians in Poland promptly responded with the commitment to support the emergency response program of the Camillian Polish Province. The religious communities have decided to financially support the programs designed for the Ukrainian refugees.

After the first assessment to identify needs and number of families to be hosted, the Camillians created three programs:
1. Opening of their social center for the homeless in Warsaw to shelter some of the Ukrainian refugees. The program is headed by Fr. Arkadiusz, and a social worker is taking care of screening the refugees who will be admitted to the center. The center offers all sorts of assistance: food, non-food, medical, psychosocial. Initially, they have 30 families sheltered.
2. Preparation of another temporary shelter in Lomianki - a former seminary house. The house needs some minor building repairs (rooms, kitchen, heating system) and furnishings (fridge, kitchen utensils/wares, etc.). They planned to shelter 55-60 families.
3. The parish in Tarnowskie Gory is organizing psychosocial and language learning activities for those children refugees sheltered by their relatives around the parish.

The Polish province is expected to submit a concrete project proposal for all these activities considering the project's programs, budget, and duration. The ultimate goal is to help refugees regain their strength (physically, psychologically, morally) by supporting them towards stability in Poland or Ukraine.
The project proposal will be examined and presented to the partners to build commitments of the concrete initiatives to help.
All the partners involved will be constantly in touch for updates with the Camillian province in Poland.

“Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we have been working mainly at train stations in Warsaw. Together with social workers, we wait there for trains bringing refugees from the Polish border. To the most ill and disabled refugees, we have organized a temporary shelter in our center for the homeless in Warsaw. People who come to our center have the opportunity to take a bath, change clothes and eat adequate food. Unfortunately, there are still not enough places for such temporary accommodation for Ukrainians. We thank God for all the help we have received, because without it our ministry would be impossible.” - Fr Miroslaw
Your contribution can really help people fleeing from the war in Ukraine. You can support the Camillians in Poland to give accommodation, food and clothes to many families by donating to the CADIS Emergency Fund in the following ways:

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