Dear Friends,

Bugisu and Sebei regions are located in the Eastern parts of Uganda, at the border with Kenya. The Bugisu region is comprised of the ‘GISHU’ tribe and the Sebei region----- the ‘SERBINS’. The major activity of these two tribal regions is agriculture which is facilitated by the volcanic soils in the regions. The area is endowed with many highlands including the famous volcanic mountain Elgon.

On the night of 30th July, 2022, there was a heavy downpour in these two regions for at least 8 to 12 hours which resulted into the overflow of River Nabuyonga in Kiteso cell in the Northern Mbale city, many houses have fallen to the ground, institutions of learning like the former Livingston University, Former Grace Secondary school and Parents’ secondary school were destroyed by the floods, Busamaga and Kumi road bridges were submerged and destroyed making the roads inaccessible.

Thirteen bodies were recovered from the flash floods by 31st July, 2022. The search of bodies is still underway and the retrieved bodies were taken to Mbale city mortuary. Several locals who survived death were nursing wounds and were rushed to hospitals by people of good will following injuries from collapsed houses.

In Tengei sub-county, Kapchorwa district, rains started at 6:00PM till morning leaving hundreds homeless. The affected people had taken refuge in some schools and churches in the region while others were reported to have gone to their relatives in safer places.

Some of the villages affected by the floods include: Kichafu village in Namasaba sub-county, Nakihaso village, Doko village, Nabijjo cell, Namakwekwe ward Northern division Mbale city. A lot of property has been lost in this tragedy and the search for the missing bodies is still going on. Houses were demolished, plants were washed away, and animals got drowned in the heavy floods and carried away. We continue offering the affected people prayers and pray for a peaceful repose of the souls of those who died.

Rev. Fr. Babychan MI
Jinja, Uganda Order of the Ministers of the Infirm [MI]-Camillians

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