The 3rd Leadership Conference of the Camillian Disaster Service International: Organizational Capability Development in Post-Disaster Interventions in Developing Countries

We as CADIS, believe that it is extremely important to train and share experiences, so as to improve further ourself and our job to help others. This is the spirit of the 3rd Leadership Conference of the Camillian Disaster Service International on "Organizational Capability Development in Post-Disaster Interventions in Developing Countries", held on November 20 to December 1 2016 at the Camillian Pastoral Care Center, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 3rd Leadership Conference has seen the partecitapion of 57 people, religious and lay, from 15 countries and covered various topics. One of this topics is the concept of "sevant leadership", tha means a good leader must be someone who can be of service. In other words, the leader able to feel the service is supportive, conscious, able to build the future, able to see what will happen, it promotes accompaniment and is committed to developing people, building community in an animation style.

Moreover the 3rd Leadership Conference included trainings and workshop seminars: the patercipants were divided in two groups, one training for fundraising and communication and the other training for Global Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL).

As part of the training for fundraising and communication, there was a particular workshop seminar that deserves a special mention: the "Mobilizing Resources for Humanitarian and Development Interventions Workshop Seminar ", conducted by Ms. Usha Menon, one of the major expert in fundraising. Ms. Usha Menon is the Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy (UM-MC Asia Pte Ltd), an international training and consultancy service, working exclusively with the non-profit and social purpose sectors across Asia. Specializing in strategy, management, fundraising and leadership development, Ms. Usha Menon provides consulting services to social purpose organizations to help transform their performance. Moreover, so that even the staff that was busy working in other parts of the world could follow the seminar, it was broadcasted on live streaming via Hangout Live.