Since last October 2022, weather forecasts in Peru have been warning of heavy rains in the north and central portion of the country. However, due to the country's constant political crisis, there has not been proper awareness or timely preparation of the population for these natural disasters. These kinds of phenomena (torrential rains, landslides, and others) are not new to Peru, but neither the political authorities nor the population were sufficiently prepared to counter the effects of Cyclone YAKU.

As El país (18.03.2023) reports, "This phenomenon, and the rainy season in general, has so far resulted in 61 deaths, 12,200 people affected, and 1,326 homes destroyed. Economic losses have been estimated at $4,000 million by former Economy Minister Alonso Segura."

The Camillians are preparing to mobilize support to the flood-affected populace in the two poor suburbs of Lima - Jicamarca (San Juan de Lurigancho), and Chaclacayo highlands, which are affected by landslides destroying homes and schools, and the northwestern cities of Trujillo and Tumbes.

The overall objective of the emergency intervention is to support 400 flood affected families by distributing non-perishable foods for one month. As of March 20, coordination with religious congregations began and on March 27, the first distribution of relief goods. The organization of the neighborhood and tapping their available resources will be promoted to sustain the relief efforts.

The activities will be implemented in collaboration with the religious communities of the Daughters of Charity, the Religious of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, who are working in Chaclacayo and Jicamarca, the Brothers of the Saint Joséph of Trujillo and the community of the Religiosas Reparadoras del Sagrado Corazón of Tumbes.

The planned activities are the following: a) purchase of non-perishable food items: rice, sugar, milk, oil, noodles (soup and pasta), tuna, oatmeal, and beans; b) strategic coordination with our partners in the affected areas to make effective delivery and the c) support and supervision of food delivery to the beneficiaries.

By May, at the termination of the emergency response, we help 400 families in the most critical moments, carry out coordinated and effective response with religious congregations in the affected communities, and renew hope of the affected population.

You can join us through sharing your blessings to the CADIS Emergency Fund and support the intervention to the affected areas of Peru.

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