BIHAR: CADIS India medical mission concludes with a record breaking 913 patients in the village of Valtharia/Bhapthia last August 19. For eight days straight, they covered a total of 3.783 patients in eight villages of Bihar province. The following day, the team headed to Bangalore at the CADIS India headquarter.

According to Mr. Joji Jose, the team’s correspondent, the Team was cranking like a well-oiled engine covering more patients on the best day with enough attention to each patient. The dedication and passion was evidently oozing all over the camp as a positive energy right from the point of registering, navigating them through the process till each patient receive their treatment, delivered with a smile and a sense of compassion.

He further said: I have been interacting constantly with the villagers, patients, Mukyas (local leaders) and Surpanchs (village head), who were receiving our aid were all very vocal in appreciating our effort. For these villagers, our registration process, the fact that everyone is not getting the same medicine; that all the medicines are in company packages; that many of the expensive medicines are given away free at an adequate quantity supplied; that we deny medicine for an illness that they don’t have; the teams dedication to attend to the last person with compassion; all have left an impression and trust in us which attracted more numbers into our camps.

He explained: In order to appreciate the above acknowledgement from villagers, let me quickly brief on how medical camp system operates here. Generally the doctors are relatively reluctant to listen to patients details owing to lack of doctors and at time due to cast divide. Many at times, may sound silly when agencies distribute medicines with a generic pack of assorted medicines of three to five variety of pills or syrups with “Different Color”. Most of the camps will have 6-10 medicines which is given as patient demands where most of them are generic multi-vitamins and again every one end up getting the same set.

The Team conveyed their appreciation to CADIS for giving them this opportunity to be with the needy with hopes that the future plans will bring them a better life.

Camp Location         Male     Female     Children     Total

Benga                     134          63                             291
Burgea                    111         133              70           314
Ghoghaaye              151        141             113           405
Sonbarsha               116         116             123          355
Arraha                     113         157             122          392
Kalyanpur                162         204             159          525
Dhole                      189         223              176         588
Valtharia/Bhapthia    312         289              312         913
                         1248       1397             1138      3783