At 8:30 in the morning, the land of Haiti was shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 7.2.

In our community, the confreres are living with the country's difficulties; they felt the earthquake's tremors and withdrew to the shelter of the houses as a precaution. I called the confreres living in Jeremie, and I learned that it is not so bad for them except for Father James. He hit his wrist, which needs an X-ray, but the area of Jeremie is seriously affected.

My confreres in Jeremie would like to bring some help to the survivors. However, they are challenged by the current condition of the region. There is a lot of damage and loss of human life and infrastructure. Many buildings housing people and churches are destroyed. In the entire South, there is a lot of damage. The population was already living in misery and very precarious and lamentable socio-economic-political difficulties. With the arrival of this earthquake, the situation of the population is becoming more alarming.

In Port au Prince, we could go to bring our help to the population of the South. Still, the security condition in Martissant makes us afraid because the bandits have been in the area for more than two months already. They shot at the cars passing by—some risk passing by with the possibility of being attacked and kidnapped. Our medical team is ready for dispatch once it is already possible to go to the area to rescue the population in the South.

We need some help in this challenging situation. The population can't stand it anymore with the terrible socio-political conditions. We must respect human life and work accordingly to help restore peace and social security in the country.

At St. Camille Hospital, our patients, accompanied by the nursing staff, had to run for their lives because the building was shaking and moving unbearably. Psychologically and physically, they are afraid. We keep them for some time in the yard because they could not bear to return to the ward for fear of aftershocks and tremors.

The situation of the country is difficult and unfortunate; we live with many difficulties. However, our mission must continue despite difficulties. It is the moment to redouble our efforts in serving the people with the means that Providence will entrust us.

Written on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, may she intercede for the country to have men worthy of their responsibility towards the Haitian nation that lives on this portion of land.