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We deliver immediate relief services to survivors of natural and man-made disasters particularly food and medicines.


We assist survivors to rebuild their families and communities


We empower people and communities by restoring what have been lost and strengthening resiliency


We long for a lasting relief and protection of the lives of vulnerable families.

Over 98 million people affected by disasters in 2015. 

Help us raise for a cause!

We are targeting 100,000 vulnerable persons this year around the world.

Be with the most vulnerable victims of disasters!

Our Mission

Ongoing Country Projects

Future Projects

Accomplished Projects

Be with us in rebuilding a resilient community

Our Advocacy
CADIS International  promotes and inspires the development of community based integral health programs for the well being of disaster stricken communities through compassionate, competent and coordinated interventions. We help people to restore and respect their culture of solidarity especially in moments of catastrophe. We work and journey to empower individuals and families experiencing multiple disadvantages and barriers including ill health, poverty, deprivation, violence, isolation and those relating to language, culture and faith issues. 

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